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REIDsteel Managing Director Simon Boyd joined ‘Team Dorset Chamber’ to sleep outside in sub-zero temperatures in aid of the homeless.

Simon, who is a member of the chamber board, and his fellow fundraisers bedded down overnight in shelters made of cardboard boxes as temperatures plunged to minus two degrees.

They were among 160 people from 40 organisations taking part in the YMCA Bournemouth organised event, which was hosted by Bournemouth Sports Club at Chapel Gate.

The aim was to raise awareness of homelessness in the area and provide funds through sponsorship for YMCA projects.

Simon, pictured far left, and his fellow team mates raised a fantastic £5,000 between them – and donations can still be made through Simon’s page or on the Dorset Chamber page until December 15, 2019.

YMCA Bournemouth launched its first Big Sleep Easy event for businesses in November 2018, which saw 98 individuals from 23 local organisations raise £25K  for homeless projects.

With almost double this number taking part this year, the total raised will be announced after December 15th.

YMCA Bournemouth has also held events at secondary schools throughout the year, with students and staff taking part.

YMCA Bournemouth is part of the Street Support Network which supported the event alongside event sponsor Lester Aldridge.

The Dorset Chamber team members were Ian Girling (Chief Executive, Dorset Chamber), Simon Boyd (Managing Director, REIDsteel), Suzannah Kennedy and Tom Bennett (both Dorset Gateway), Sue Bhatt (Dorset Chamber’s International Trade team) and Joan Senior (Young Chamber).