REIDsteel Steel Buildings & Construction

REIDsteel have a worldwide reputation for excellence in the custom design, engineering, fabrication and erection of a wide variety of pre-engineered steel frame buildings and structures. We are specialists in steel building design and are a manufacturer for industrial facilities, factory buildings, aircraft hangars, steel highway bridges, industrial buildings, steel framed commercial buildings and waste/recycling facilities and also design and build a range of low cost prefabricated steel buildings, for all manner of uses.

One of the UK’s top steelwork construction & cladding companies, REIDsteel also specialise in the design and construction of hurricane resistant structures, as well as tsunami resistant buildings and earthquake resistant buildings for the world’s more volatile climates. REIDsteel can also advise you on strengthening your existing building to better  resist earthquakes, or to make them life-safe.

Reidsteel can manage your Steelwork project from inception to completion.
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Reidsteel Around the World

Click for interactive world mapAs well as commercial interests around the globe, Reidsteel are actively involved in a variety projects worldwide that undertake major infrastructure improvements to those countries.

Hospital buildings in africa provide much needed health and emergency facilities to remote locations and our road bridges make these places more accessible.

Projects are many and varied and demonstrate our ability to provide steel structures in just about any location in the world, no matter how remote.

Click on the map above for an interactive view of some of our more recent projects or here for an historic Journey.

Reidsteel structural steelwork in AfricaSpotlight on Africa

Reidsteel provide many steelwork projects throughout africa:  Hospital complexes, Grain Warehouses, Road bridges, Factories, Schools etc. Click on the map for further information.

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