Other REIDsteel Services

REIDsteel are specialist in the development and construction of various steel structures, not limited to, but including industrial buildings, aircraft hangars, grandstands & stadiums, multi-storey structures and steel bridges and churches.

Reidsteel Structural Engineering
REIDsteel have a worldwide reputation for excellence in the design, engineering, fabrication and erection of steel frame buildings.
Aircraft Hangars of all sizes are designed, made, shipped and erected by REIDsteel, including triple 747 wide span hangars.
Steel Buildings – REIDsteel design and construct many steel buildings worldwide ~ commercial, industrial, warehouses, grain stores etc.
Church Buildings by REIDsteel have be manufactured and shipped all around the globe – both traditional and modern designs are available.
steel bridges
Aircraft Hangar Doors
Factory Buildings
Steel Bridges are shipped worldwide, including; steel over-truss bridge spans to 100m, through truss bridges, for longer spans. 
Hangar Doors – REIDsteel, specialists in the design and manufacture of hangar doors for some of the biggest aircraft flying today.
Factory Buildings, process buildings, power stations, breweries and distilleries – We can build your factory very cost effectively.
Warehouse Buildings
multi-storey car parks
Warehouse Buildings & Port Buildings – Industrial steel framed buildings, present in over 132 countries, including hurricane areas. 
Grandstands for football, rugby, motor racing and a variety of other sports are made and constructed by REIDsteel.
Multi Storey Car Parks – Car parking solutions including full structural design and build of the parking structure, its decking and roof..
Defense Structures
Aeroplane Hangars
Defence Structures – Defense contracting for blast resistant military buildings and other critical infrastructure force protection solutions.
REIDglazing Design, make and install architectural glazing elements including windows, doors, curtain walling, atriums and solar shading systems.
REIDsteel Aero – Design and build aeroplane hangars – we have developed more full size aeroplane hangars than anyone else.