Brexit to the letterOur managing director Simon Boyd has personally written to every single MP in the UK to urge a clean break from the European Union.
As debate continues at the start of formal Brexit negotiations today, Simon has sent letters to all 650 MPs at Westminster – including the Prime Minister – urging them not to ‘snatch defeat from the jaws of victory’.

He warned that watered down Brexit plans would hit thousands of businesses – especially SMEs – and be a betrayal of the will of the people.
Mr Boyd writes in his letter: “We voted Out and that means Out please.

Out of the EU but not Out of Europe. Out of the damaging jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. Out of the single market that only works for the few.
“Out of the customs union that ties us to trading to a protectionist block.”

Simon’s letter comes after PM Theresa May vowed to keep pre-election plans to leave the single market and customs union to allow the UK to negotiate free trade partnerships around the world.

As a four-times winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise (International Trade), we have exported to more than 140 countries to date.
In the 98th year of business and employing up to 400 at peak times, we are a renowned structural steel company with a demonstrable record of success in the design, fabrication and installation of projects in Great Britain and globally.

Simon adds in his letter: “There is no such thing as a ‘Hard Brexit’. It is a deceptive phrase used to describe negatively what we voted for.
“We want to break these key ties cleanly and be free to trade with our European friends and the rest of the world.
“Please uphold what the British people voted for. You will never be forgiven if you don’t. Do not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.”

Simon was chairman of the South West Business for Britain group during the EU Referendum. He has copied the letter to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), British Chambers of Commerce and business leaders. He argues that a clean Brexit would allow the UK to “once again becoming a world trading country” and generate the wealth needed to reduce the deficit and pay off the £1.73 trillion national debt.

Simon added: “The single market has been a disaster for us and the UK. There has never been a surplus in our trade and the uneven playing field has meant we are less competitive in the European market.
“Not only is it near impossible to work and compete in the EU market, the regulatory burden negatively affects our domestic and worldwide trade.
“Also, to remain in the customs union would mean that we cannot do our own trade deals with the rest of the world. We have exported to over 140 countries throughout our 98 years in business; we have an idea of what we are talking about.”