Press Release:

Multi-award winning REIDsteel has welcomed the historic moment as a once in a lifetime opportunity for the UK to confidently shape an even greater place in the world.

The 130-strong company, which has served the UK and international markets since 1919, says Article 50 also heralds the re-emergence of British Standards as the finest worldwide.

Family-owned REIDsteel, which is based in Christchurch, Dorset, is a four times winner of the Queen’s Award’s for Enterprise (International Trade).

It has the capability to design, manufacture, ship and erect entire steel buildings including their cladding and or glazing requirements anywhere in Great Britain and the world – from factory buildings in Mauritius and bridges in Africa to aircraft hangars and industrial buildings in the UK.

Boris Johnson visited REIDsteel on the Vote Leave battle bus late May 2016 during the EU Referendum campaign.

Managing Director Simon Boyd, who was regional Chairman of Business for Britain South West during the EU Referendum campaign, said: “This is a pivotal moment for Great Britain to take control of its own destiny.

“It is an exciting opportunity to build a global Britain and develop new trade alliances with friends and partners across the world.

“The Government is in an excellent position and we must enter the forthcoming negotiations with confidence to agree an ambitious trade agreement with our friends in Europe.

“The reality of Brexit may be a few years away but the business climate is already improving and the activation of Article 50 allows us to forward to look a positive and bright future.”

Simon added: “As a leading steel construction company in the UK and the world, we know that the ‘Made in Great Britain’ brand is viewed as a badge of excellence.

“Free of the constraints of EU bureaucracy and overregulation, the reputation of products and services with the British Standard hallmark can gain even greater status as the finest worldwide.

“Provided our government does not settle for a bad deal, I can only see a positive future for Great Britain.”

REIDsteel designs, manufactures, ship and erects all types of steel-framed buildings and structures, including their cladding and or glazing requirements.

They include commercial premises, aircraft hangers, stadiums, bridges, process plants, industrial units, large commercial buildings, grandstands, bridges, process plants, car parks and many other steel structures worldwide