Shoreham Port Timber Storage Buildings

“Shoreham Port is a thriving commercial port on the South Coast of England and provides a full range of marine services including cargo handling, hydrography, dry docking as well as catering for leisure and fishing users.

From its Roman origins and through its expansion in Norman times, its trade flourished in the 1970s prior to its downturn in the 80’s and 90’s.

Following the construction of the power station in 2000 there was a resurgence in activity and, since 2002, REIDsteel have been involved in the design, fabrication and construction of 14,000m² of covered storage facilities at the Port.

We were therefore very pleased to be approached in December of 2015 by Tony Parker, Shoreham Port’s Director of Engineering and Jon Orrell, Managing Director of the Hemsley Orell Partnership, with whom our own Technical Director, Rollo Reid, built our first buildings at the Port some 13 years previously.

The requirement was to provide a further 6000 m² of covered storage for the timber handling facilities which already occupy 40,000 m² of covered area on its 46 acre site. As with all of our previous buildings for the port we had to erect the building on 1.5m high reinforced concrete push walls which were expertly cast by the Principal Contractor, Edburton Contractors Ltd , a local contractor approved by Shoreham Port. Edburton’s provided us with a clear and clean site with accurately cast in holding down bolts which enabled us to erect the steel in four weeks and complete our works within programme.

The three 50m spans would normally pose a problem to a concrete push wall if framed as a standard portal frame building due to the large horizontal forces generated at the column bases. However, the V-braced, tied segmental Archspan frames which we use so efficiently to accommodate our slab sliding hangar doors for our aircraft hangars have the added advantage of significantly reducing the thrust at the bases meaning that the frames are lighter and that results in less load that the concrete has to withstand.

Due to the building’s coastal location the cladding is Euroclad’s HPS200 plastisol coated galvanised steel cladding which has a further 200 microns of plastisol protection on the underside of the sheet to protect the sheets at the end laps where moisture is most likely to gather. From all of our work in many and varied places, we understand and appreciate the value of hot dip galvanising our steel and this, coupled with the double sided plastisol coated cladding will give the Client a building which will complement all of the others on their site for a long time.”


HOP Consulting Engineers were commissioned by Shoreham Port Authority to undertake preliminary design work and prepare documentation for the construction of 3No. linked sheds to provide all–weather storage for timber and other products being landed at Shoreham Harbour.

The contract included Reidsteel as nominated contractor for both the detailed design and construction of the structural steelwork and cladding. Reidsteel were chosen due to their outstanding performance on previous sheds at Shoreham since 2002.  The project was undertaken to a tight programme, with the added difficulties of keeping the busy port in safe operation throughout the course of the works.

There was also the added requirement to install some large wind turbines on the seaward side of the site during the contract works. This required careful planning and programming between Reidsteel and the Principal Contractors, Edburton Contractors, particularly with respect to plant movements and heavy lifting.

All went exceptionally well – on time and within budget. A testament to Reidsteel’s exceptionally well run design, detailing, fabrication, erection and co-ordinated cladding service.
All concerned with the project are very pleased indeed with the end result.

Jon Orrell
Managing Director
Hemsley Orrell Partnership


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