Steel Bridges

REIDsteel bridges are designed and constructed to British Standard 5400 Highway Bridge Loading Specification or other National Codes.

Our Steel Bridges can be shipped and erected world-wide and are designed to suit a range of applications and come in a variety of types dependent upon your specific bridge requirements, including:

Our services include the complete structural design and construction of your choice of bridge and we use only the highest quality British steel, which can be supplied hot dip galvanized if required.

We have included below some examples of steel bridge types and applications but full details can be found under our dedicated Steel Bridges site or alternatively contact us directly.

Road Bridges

Designed to carry minor roads or feeder roads, particularly suitable in remote areas where these bridges can carry loadings suitable for more major roads.
For more information see road bridges  on our Steel Bridges website.

Highway Bridges

These bridges can carry main road traffic and incorporate 2-lane carriageways, crash barriers and walkways.

The effective span of these bridges can range between 15m and 100m and more detailed information can be found under Highway Bridges on our Steel Bridges website.

Pedestrian Bridges

As the name would suggest these bridges are designed for walking traffic, although they may be able to carry cyclists and light motor cycles.

The design of these bridges varies dependent on the span and height of the bridge and whether it will encompass stairs or ramps to accommodate disabled users. For a more detailed explanation read Pedestrian Bridges on our Steel Bridges website.

Railway Bridges

Railway bridges due to their complex nature are always individually designed and constructed based on the job they are required to do or the specific station needs.

Since railway “Possesions” are hard to obtain and only allow a short time for submission contact us for full details of the service we can provide and for further information see Railway Bridges on our Steel Bridges website.

Contractor’s Bridges

These bridges are similar in nature to both our Road and Highway bridges however, they will cater more specifically for heavier loads, for further details see our dedicated Steel Bridges website.

Composite Beam Bridge

The bridge is constructed utilising steel beams with concrete decking above it. This is then connected by shear connectors to the concrete which enables the steel to work compositely. A composite beam bridge can be made as wide as required due to this formwork and can even include walkways.

Full details are contained under the Standard Composite Beam Bridge section or visit our bespoke Composite Beam Bridges section on our Steel Bridges website.

Through Truss Bridge

Truss bridges are designed for the trusses (large triangulated steel members) to carry loads across a span. A through truss bridge enables the roadway to go through and between the trusses,

however, it is more limited in it’s usage as it cannot be extended widthways without building a parallel bridge.

For more information see our Standard Steel Through Truss Bridge section or visit our bespoke Steel Through Truss Bridge information on our Steel Bridges website.

Over Truss Bridge

Over Truss Bridges, also known as Under Truss Bridges are Similar to beam bridges however, the beams are replaced with trusses making them lighter and deeper, they are economical for spans

of 25 to 100m and you can run services under the carriageway.

For more details see our Standard Steel Over Truss Bridges section or visit our bespoke  Steel Over Truss Bridges information on our Steel Bridges website.

Cable-Stayed Bridge

If there are access issues with the intended gap such as no access to enable construction of temporary or permanent piers or no straight level run up to the gap permitting cantilever launch or the span is too large for regular through truss bridges, then a cable stayed bridge is the most suitable option.

They can span gaps from 50 to 200m and although lightweight are very strong and flexible. For a more detailed description please read our Standard Steel Stayed Bridges section or visit our bespoke Steel Stay Bridges information on our Steel Bridges website.

twin cantilever launch of Arun river bridge, Nepal

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