Bleachers (Open grandstands without a roof)

REIDsteel bleachers come in a variety of styles to suit every climate and every price range.


They can have tilt-up plastic seats on galvanised frames for maximum comfort, and ease of ticketing. They can have steel or aluminium benches for easy maintenance. They can have timber seating fitted to the leading edge, probably of local material.


REIDsteel bleachers can have as few as 100 seats, the size that can be carried on one flat bed truck, pre-erected for instant seating. Another standard is for 500 seats. Purpose made bleachers can be for any number of seats, 50,000, 100,000, how many do you need?


REIDsteel bleachers can be accessed by vertical gangways from the front toe; or from stairs at the rear; or from stairs and vomitories within the terrace. The vomitories may have simple ‘bracelet’ vertical gangways or be joined by horizontal gangways as well.


Provided we are made aware of the requirements, then all REIDsteel bleachers can later be fitted with roofing, drop fascias, rear cladding and end cladding. In the case of short grandstands, the roof sheeting, rear sheeting and fascia may be cantilevered past the end of the seating to provide rain shelter.

Permanent or Temporary

The construction is the same in both cases and all national safety, structural and viewing standards can be met by both types. The all steel, bolt and nut construction is entirely demountable and re-usable.

The 100 seater is purpose designed to be lifted in one piece for a particular event, but can be economically purchased for permanent use (or you may choose to put it away yourself and bring it out again next year).

Please book well in advance for temporary rental! Normally 4 months notice is needed.

Export Market

REIDsteel bleachers and grandstands can be shipped unassembled in compact rugged bundles or in open top containers. REIDsteel normally export more than half of their output.

Indeed, REIDsteel grandstands and bleachers with steel terraces were originally designed for export to markets in the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean.

For more information on grandstands and stadia, please visit our dedicated web site