REIDsteel Business Relationship Director Sean Burchell told of our strong track record in the Caribbean at a top-level conference with leading diplomats in London.

He rubbed shoulders with High Commissioners and Governors at the British Expertise International (BEI) and Caribbean Council event in Mayfair.

Sean is pictured talking with British High Commissioner for Trinidad & Tobago Tim Stew and British High Commissioner for Guyana and Suriname Greg Quinn.

The annual Meet the Ambassadors event included speakers, information about trade opportunities for UK companies and networking.

Sean was able to tell High Commissioners about our clients and supply chain in the Caribbean, and also hear from them about the growth of the region’s economy and opportunities for trade.

He said: “This was a very worthwhile event and it was valuable to hear from the UK’s highest ranking diplomats about developments in the Caribbean.

“This echoed our own experiences about business growth in the region and the demand for high quality structures and services.”

REIDsteel is a longstanding designer, manufacturer and supplier of steel structures – including cladding and glazing – for clients in the Caribbean as well as in the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

All of our buildings in the Caribbean survived the devastating hurricanes of 2017 intact when many others companies’ structures were flattened or suffered severe damage.

According to the BEI, the Caribbean showed economic growth of 1.8% in 2018 and is predicted to expand to 2.1% in 2019.

The BEI held the event in association with The Caribbean Council. The aim was for UK Heads of Mission share their insights on opportunities for British companies abroad and provide political and economic updates on their countries and their region.

Speakers include British High Commissioners, including Asif Ahmad for Jamaica, Sarah Dickson for the Bahamas, Janet Douglas for Barbados, Tim Stew for Trinidad and Tobago, Greg Quinn for Guyana and Clare Evans for Belize.

Other top ranking diplomats included British Virgin Islands Governor Gus Jaspert and Governor of Bermuda John Rankin.

The BEI, part of Strategy International, is a member-based organisation which supports UK companies with business development, events and networking.